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What is Intention Based Dancing? In its simplest form 'Intention' is really about not using pressure, tension, or force, with one's arms, or hands in any way, shape, or form to communicate an idea, a thought, or a movement. But rather the idea of 'Intention' is to intend to do something. To propose, to invite, to advice, to guide, to profer...these are all statements that we, as dancers, are asking our Partners to engage X. Where X can be, but is not limited to, a specific piece of tango vocabulary (Ocho, Cross, Molinete), a timing change, an embrace change, etc. Typically Intention is action of the Lead to the Follower, however the Follower can and should reciprocate this idea and practice as often as possible. We propose to our partners that we would like X to happen. That proposal is generally an extremely light physiological, and tactile contact, where the contact is not pressured at all. But rather the direction that we are going in is the intention of what X can be. This is the foundation of Intention Based Dancing. Because, as a rule, we use this technique throughout the entire lifecycle of a dance with our partners.

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