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To create a series of video teaching resources on how to teach argentine tango using the tango topics methodology, ideals, and principles.

Course Overview

This course will teach how to teach a 6-Week Tango course from start to finish. What to teaching on day 1, day 2, and so on. How to start class, how to end it. When to introduce music into the equation. It goes over the base vocabulary that one must teach in order to get a student to a viable dancing position. It goes over the use of practice embrace, open embrace, and close embrace methodologies and how to teach all three in a 6 week seminar. The course materials also show how to begin teaching people about tango music and what to listen for and how to listen for it, and then discussing and using the Five Pause Types of Argentine Tango Music. It will also show you how to give a private lesson, what to look for in the private lesson and how to identify and then correct the 10 most common issues that most dancers present with, and more!

Full Disclosure: There is a version of this project which will be made available if this project doesn’t get the funding it needs. If you’d like to register for access to those materials now, go here. Those materials will be made available in a few weeks. 

Intended Course Materials:

This course will be taught using a video seminar format as well as with a live (recorded) actual 6 week class for demonstration purposes. 

a.) Intention Based Teaching – Intention vs. Resistance.
b.) Employing Effective Role Swapping as a Teaching Tools.

c.) Embrace Types Shown/Explained: Practice Embrace/Open Embrace/Close Embrace.
d.) Two of Six Walking Systems Shown/Explained: Parallel & Cross (using Step Half-Step entry).
e.) Beginning Class Exercises – Five Exercises Shown
f.) Tango Music Shown/Explained: Finding/Matching/Intimating the Beat AND The 5 Pause Types.
g.) Describing/Displaying Floorcraft Principles and Practices.
h.) Describing/Displaying Practica & Milonga Codigos.
i.) Base Vocabulary – See Below.

Co-Teaching with a Partner.
k.) Working Solo: Picking & Working with a Teaching Asst.

l.) Starting A Practica.
m.) When and How to Use Video in Class.
n.) Leading a Weekend Workshop.
n.) In-Person/Couple/Class Management Strategies.
o.) How to give a Private Lesson. (in 3 parts)
How to market yourself (including website, youtube, and social media).
q.) An actual 6-week class using the principles employed above. 

6 Weeks of Class:

Week 1.) Posture/Extensions/Walking
Week 2.) Linear Ochos/Traveling Ochos.
Week 3.) Music.
Week 4.) The Lead’s Giro/The Follower’s Molinete.
Week 5.) The Argentine Cross and a Mirror Cross.
Week 6.) The Golden Nugget of  Tango.

We will shoot an actual live class and record the results for your viewing education to see how things are taught. The materials in the curriculum will be employed with the exception of the noted ‘soft’ topics that do not apply to actual teaching.

Textual/Written Materials will be produced detailing as much ‘soft’ information to give a teacher what they need in order to begin teaching after going through the process.

Financial Goal: 15.5k for Cameras, Lenses, Lighting Equipment, Sound Equipment, Digital Storage, Cables & Connectors, Space Fees, and an Editing Suite of Digital Tools.

Financial Promise: If I fall short of the intended amount, I will return all funds by Jan 31st, 2020. If I come close to within 80% of the funding goal, then I will do the project, somehow. I may have to cut back on my curriculum. Put simply, I’m not going to run off to Fiji and live like a King on 15,000 dollars! a.) I can’t. b.) I’m not going to get very far. and c.) My name would be mudd if I did that! Basically you’ll get your money back if there isn’t enough money to do the project the way it needs to be done. The only hiccup is my credit card processor, they are real sticklers for a 60-day window to return your money. So I may have to cut a check and it may take a bit longer. But no matter what, if I decide NOT to do the project, you’ll get a full refund. 

Levels of Participation.

There are many ways you can assist with this last project. A ride here and there, a cheap place to sleep while I’m shooting/editing videos, and of course financial compensation. However, what’s needed is much better production value, and that’s where your participation comes in. Look over the levels of participation below and see which one is right for you. All levels, with the exception of the “Thank You” level, will receive the Teacher Training materials.

(slots available 300) Thank You Level –  Perk ?  40% off on release day.
(slots available 100) Early Bird – Perk: Tango Truisms Vol 1 – 3 + 1 Month of Gold Subscription to Tango Topics + August 1, 2020 of Deliverables.
(slots available 100) Ron Swanson Level – Same as Early Bird. — Not avail. until Early Donation is done. 
(offering 25) Bronze Level – Perk: 15 Minute Analysis with Video (Either online or in-person).
(offering 25) Bronze Plus – Perk: 1 Year of Tango Topics
(offering 25) Gold – Perk: One 3 Hour Private Lesson w/Video Analysis

(offering 20) Gold Plus – Perk: Tango Topics Full Download Library ($1100.00 value).
(offering 2) Platinum – Perk: 1 iPhone 11 Pro (256gb) /w Apple Care ($1349 value). [I will contact you about choice of color]
(offering 3) Platinum Plus – Perk: 1 iPhone Pro Max (256gb) /w Apple Care ($1548 value). I will contact you about choice of color]
(offering 1) The Kitchen Sink Level – 1 iPhone 11 Pro Max w (256gb) / Apple Care + Gold + Gold Plus Levels. I will contact you about choice of color]

Note About iPhones: All are/will be Carrier Unlocked for use anywhere in the world on any network. You will also be able to pick the color that you want it in. All devices will be 256GB, delivered in their original box. 😉 

The Projected Retail Cost: $750.00 for the set of teaching tools. It may be more depending on the # videos beyond what’s listed above.

Ownership: I will retain all rights to the project.

Deliverables: You receive the processed end result of all the videos in downloadable format from a protected server, and any all textual content that comes out of the project.

Estimated delivery date: 9/1/2020.

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