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Cabeceo. The preferred way to ask a Follower to dance a Tanda with the Lead that has asked.

The Spanish word “Cabeceo” comes from the root Spanish -ar verb “Cabecear” which means to ‘nod’. In the noun form of the word, it means ‘head’ which is “Cabeza”. From an Argentine Tango perspective the word has come to mean “A head nod to indicate the question of a dance”. Note that the definition here is from the Lead’s perspective, asking the Follower to dance, and not the other way around. That’s because this is Lead specific.

Cabeceo is just one of the the social rules of conduct of the Milonga, which when put together comprise “Codigos”, or the codes of the dance.

Also cabeceo can, and should, also be used to ask for entry into the line of dance from one Lead to another, this is called a Male Cabeceo.

What about a Follower asking for a dance ? See Also > Mirada.

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