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Dancing In A Small Space is the hallmark and the epitome of Social Tango. It is also a trait of dancing in Buenos Aires, as well as most European Encuentro environments. While the Marathon environment that has grown up in the last few years also employs versions of these methodologies, the Encuentro environment and really dancing in Buenos Aires is where this stuff will be used.

DIASS, as we call it, is dancing economically and learning to and then executing making your vocabulary choices (leading or following) very small and economical. The practice itself has been detailed on Tango Topics as a series of small pieces of vocabulary that we want to make part of our dance.

However, the end result is making small movement, and smaller vocabulary to fit within the space of a single mid-sized walking step. This practice is frequently about the vocabulary itself, however it should be noted that DIASS is all about moving in time to the beat, pause, phrase, and later on making rhythmical choices that fit musically.

The vocabulary suggestions consists of, but are not limited to just these items:

The Walking Turn
The Milonguero Turn
The Linear Ocho Cortado
The Circular Ocho Cortado
The Argentine Calesita
Circular Patter
Linear Patter
Back Crosses
Cross Body Incrementals
Closed Sided Turn
Close Side Turn Trick
Media Luna

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