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This is an Intensive Tango Study program that seeks to teach you the foundations of the dance all through the more advanced concepts to turn you into nearly any kind of social dancer you want to become. The program is done in 3 Month increments upto a One year which is led by Miles Tangos in New York (or wherever I am based at the time), and taught in 4 stages – Level 1, 2a (gendered role), 2b (opposite gender), and finally Level 3.

Level 1
Level 2a (Gendered Role)
Level 2b (Opposite Gendered Role)
Level 3 

There is a One Month Intensive Study Program which seeks to impart most of what you would get inside a Level 1 intensive inside of ONE MONTH. It’s ambitious to say the least given the amount of material that is covered and wholly not for the faint of heart.

One Month Intensive

These programs seek to correct your ingrained habits, through intensive movement study, and then using video, kinesthetic, and verbal feedback help you to develop a better skillset through the exploration of common tango vocabulary. The program is ideal for anyone that is fully invested in tango of any age group. Any!

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