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The Lead’s Giro.Giro” (Pron: Heer-Oh, not jy-roh, or guy-roh) comes from the root Spanish -ar verb, “Girar“, which when translated to English, means “to turn“. ‘Giro‘ is the first person singular of that verb, which means “I turn“. The Giro, is a component of the Molinete structure. Typically this structure is done by the Lead. However, in the case of the Lead’s Molinete, the Follower is either led to do the Giro, or can embellish to create a similar structure.

The Giro structure, in this case, is keeping one’s feet together in Social Collection (as defined by Tango Topics), with one’s weight slightly forward over the pads of one’s feet and then rotating over one, or both feet, depending on a few different factors. That rotation can be with or without disassociation and applied disassociation, however it tends to be a bit more ‘flashy’ if it’s done with.

The Lead’s Giro can be done in Open, Close, Vee, Berlin, or any other version of the Embrace that you can think of. Most often the Lead’s Giro is done in conjunction with the Lead’s Lapiz, and/or the Lead’s Enrosque.

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