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Linear Ochos. This type of Ocho serves two purposes. One, we use it as a teaching tool for both Lead and Follow to study, and continue to study (refinements) of the Disassociation and Applied Disassociation technique and applications. Two, we use it as an exercise to practice on a day to day basic. While the Ocho can be used in the line of dance by either role, it can only be used from a stopped position, where there is space to lead and follow them.

The Linear Ocho is an disassociative motion where by the Lead engages upper body disassociation, and the Follower responds with lower body applied disassociation. The reason they’re called Linear Ochos is that the Ocho is on a straight line, in front of the Lead as shown below. While these are typically led on the Follower via the Lead, a Lead may engage in them as well as the Follower is being led to X.

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