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Milonga Ochos are just what they sound like, Ochos that happen in Milonga. ‘Sounds like’ and ‘are’, are two very different things. First of all, the Milonga Ocho is very small. Tiny actually. Sometimes this variety of Ocho is called a ‘Baby’ Ocho because of there size. However, rightfully we refer to them as Milonga Style Ochos. The reason ? Because we use them in Milonga, a lot…hence their name. However, they can be applied elsewhere but more often than not we use them in Milonga. And the reason is because of the speed and size that you can invoke and use them. The video below is not done at speed, quite deliberately so that you can sort of see the technique that is at work. Secondly the Milonga Ocho can apply disassociation, but that disassociation is insanely fast, and in doing so an enormous amount of energy is built up and then released very quickly. One might be tempted to employ resistance with these things and that would be a mistake. Resistance is not required at all to make a Milonga Ocho occur. If the technique is applied properly, one need never apply resistance, ever.

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