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Milonguero Ochos. These types of Ochos are sometimes referred to as “Lazy” Ochos because the dancer is either led (Follower) or self led (Lead) to extending their legs behind  (or in front of !!) themselves, across their body’s natural longitudinal axial meridian.

The Milonguero Ocho has NO upper body rotation (Lead), and it has no lower body rotation, disassociation or applied disassocation in any way, shape, or form (Follower). It is Cross-System based vocabulary, meaning that it’s generated from Cross-System employing one of 3 methods to get into Lazy Ochos, 1.) Step, Half-Step methodology. 2.) Weight Change, Step Methodology. and 3.) Cross Behind Methodology. This is a venerable addition to what Tango Topics refers to as a Walking System, because it’s more of a Walk than what we traditionally think of as a common Ocho (or the Traveling Ocho).

To be a bit more clear, while this is typically Follower vocabulary, a Lead may engage in a self-led version of Milonguero Ochos in any number of ways. 🙂

It should be noted that when talking about the Milonguero Ocho, that there are other pieces of complimentary vocabulary that we want to invoke, and begin to study on a religious basis because of it fits so nicely with the Milonguero Ocho, such as the Milonguero Turn, The Argentine Cross, Close Embrace Sacadas, and certain Ocho Transitions, just to name a few.

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