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Ocho Cortado. The word “Cortado” translates from Spanish to English as “cutted“, which makes no sense. An Ocho or 8 Cutted doesn’t translate very well as a literal cognate. So we need to move it around a bit. So “Ocho Cortado” when translated becomes “Cut Ocho” or “Sliced Ocho“. The ‘Cortado’ is not necessarily a full Ocho from the perspective that if you were looking at Ocho from a top-down view you’d see that the Ocho is like (‘like’ but not really) an Infinity symbol on the floor. The ‘Cortado’ would be half of that slicing the infinity symbol on the horizontal axis. However, there are a few issues with this actual definition, first is that there are 2 versions of the Ocho Cortado, and secondly depending on what part of the Tango universe you’re from you’ll only see one of these two.  The 2 primary versions of the vocabulary are: A Circular Ocho Cortado, and a Linear Ocho Cortado. Both versions can be done in Open or Close Embrace, and from the Closed side of the embrace as well as from the Open side of the embrace. There are also multiple options of an Ocho Cortado, not the least of which is a series of Wraps (Enganches), Sacadas, Ganchos, or Single Axis Turns.

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