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Social Dancing‘ has two definitions.

1.) It means the action of going out dancing to your milonga for the evening. The goal is to be social with people, not to perform for the 15th row or to practice with someone but rather to engage in the activity of dancing Tango out in public and communicating with people.

2.) The activity of dancing to a series of ideas, ideals, and concepts that might loosely be equated with ‘Milonguero Style‘ of dancing (or Dancing In A Small Space – DIASS). However, this isn’t about a style, but rather about ideas that also coalesce around certain aspects of Codigos, which when you combine with Dancing In A Small Space and it’s chosen vocabulary, they co-create and combine to create ‘Social’ Tango and really ‘Social’ Dancing for Argentine Tango.

When using the word ‘Social’, it’s easy to confuse it with two other different definitions:

a.) An informal gathering of people, and ideas, to form a group of like-minded individuals.

b.) When a person engages and interacts with an informal or formal group.

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