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Social Vocabulary.

This is tango dancing vocabulary (steps, simple patterns) that fits within the line, and the lane of dance, while respecting the Ronda, the partnership (the couple), as well as adhering to the principles of good floorcraft!

As an example of Social Vocabulary, Tango Topics has several of these pieces on display, below is a partial list!

1.) Milonguero Ochos (sometimes referred to as ‘Lazy’ Ochos).
2.) Milonguero Turns.
3.) Social Calesitas.
4.) Linear Ocho CortadoCircular Ocho Cortados
5.) Single Axis Turns. (Social Colgadas)
6.) Social Boleos.
7.) Social Volcadas.

And of course: Walking!

Remember that any vocabulary can be Social Vocabulary as long as it is small, tight, and compact and does not take up any more space than the space that you are currently occupying, and does not move beyond that space while being executed.  Above are just some of the pieces of Social Vocabulary that Tango Topics advocates from its archive. There are loads more. In specific, if you’re really interested you should look at Dancing In A Small Space and it’s companion piece Dancing In A Small Space Addendum.

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