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A Social Volcada is a Volcada that is smaller and fits within the LANE and LINE of dance. It should take up no more space than a single walking step. The reason it’s called a ‘Social’ Volcada is not only because of its size but rather because of functionality and emphasis on the Social Dance movement that is occurring within Argentine Tango today. When using the word ‘social’, it’s easy to confuse it with two other different definitions: 1.) An informal gathering of people, and ideas, to form a group of like-minded individuals. 2.) When a person engages and interacts in an informal or formal group. In this instance, ‘Social’ refers to a series of ideas and concepts that might loosely be equated with Milonguero Style of dancing (or Dancing In A Small SpaceDIASS). However, this isn’t about a style, but rather about ideas that also coalesce around certain aspects of Codigos that when combined with Dancing In A Small Space and it’s chosen vocabulary, co-create and combine to create ‘Social’ Tango and really ‘Social’ Dancing for Argentine Tango. Paid Subscribers can see a Social Volcada in all it’s glory, here!

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