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Walk or Walking. There are 6 ways of walking in Argentine Tango. However, most teachers, only talk the two more common versions of the Tango walk: Parallel & Cross System walking. However, Tango Topics talks about 6 different ways, which are: 1.) Parallel System. 2.) Cross System. 3.) Milonguero Ochos. 4.) Inside Snake Walk. 5.) Outside Snake Walk. & 6.) Alternates Walk.

We break out these forms of walking for a few reasons, not the least of which is the idea and Tango Topics construct: Facility. Secondarily, and solely from a leading perspective, that more often than not a Follower can and will mishear an intended lead, which is through no fault of their own, it’s more than likely that what was led was not clear to them. So, as a result, the Follower goes where they think something was intended. That misinterpretation tends to create a tiny problem, and typically this creates a ‘hiccup’ in the couple, a hesitation in the execution of whatever construct is happening at that point in time. As a result, musically, beats are dropped and opportunities are missed.

The 6 Ways of Walking alleviates nearly 95% of all of all walking errors!

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